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By: Mark Filk
B.A., CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer

This routine will help remedy some of the tightness we have accumulated, however it is important to move around every hour if you sit at a desk for long periods of time to alleviate some of the built-up tension in our hips. Warming up properly before any workout and stretching at the end of the workout is just as vital as the workout itself. 

Regardless, if you live a sedentary lifestyle or if you are an active individual, tight hip flexors can get you, limiting your mobility, thus increasing likelihood of injuries to the hip, back and knee and decreasing your range of motion. It’s time we make the hip flexors just as popular as the rest of our lower body.  Here is a strengthening routine for your hip flexors.

Strengthening Routine

Glute Bridge
Lie on your back on an exercise mat keeping knees bent at 90 degrees and hands on the floor by your side. Lift your hips up from the floor towards the ceiling while pressing into your heels. Careful not to over arch your low back. At top of the movement squeeze your glutes for a few seconds and return to the floor and repeat 10-12x.

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TRX Reverse Lunge to Knee Drive
Hold TRX handles at about waist height. Feet should be slightly wider than shoulder width take a medium stride back with left leg. Bent right knee to lower body – lowest point at least should be when your left knee grazes the ground. Rise up bearing weight on right foot holding on to TRX for balance drive up the knee to just above hip height in front of body while simultaneously bending elbows. Perform 8-10 / side.

Beginners can perform the kick off while holding on to the TRX and progress slowly to adding the reverse lunge.

Supine Psoas March
Lie on a mat or soft surface facing up with both knees bent at 90 degrees and back completely flat. Wrap a band loop around feet and extend one leg while keeping the other leg stationary. Bring the leg back in a controlled motion and alternate sides. Complete 5-10 reps per side.

Hip Flexor Activation against Wall
Lay flat on a mat and position the body so that one-foot rests on a doorway and the other leg is straight. The leg is bent enough so hip is just past 90 degrees toward your chest. Contract hip flexors by driving knee to your chest and lift your foot away from the doorway. Simultaneously the straight leg will be pressing down into the ground. Hold for 3 seconds and release. Repeat 5-10 reps / leg

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