Knee Bracing Services Ottawa and Gatineau

Rediscover freedom of movement and alleviate knee pain. Experience the unmatched support and stability our Knee Bracing solutions deliver.

  • Personalized Care
  • Expert Guidance
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Revitalize Your Health with Chartier Physiothérapie

  • Personalized Care
  • Expert Guidance
  • Progress You Can See

Knee Bracing Services in Ottawa and Gatineau

Rediscover the freedom of movement and alleviate knee pain with our precision-engineered Knee Bracing solutions.

At Chartier Physiothérapie, experience the unmatched support and stability that our custom-fit knee braces offer, tailored just for you.

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Custom-Fit Knee Bracing: A Step Towards Enhanced Mobility

Knee Bracing is a cornerstone of physiotherapy treatment for various knee conditions. Whether you’re dealing with osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, or post-surgical recovery, our advanced knee braces are designed to provide you with optimal stabilization and relief.

Our team at Chartier Physiothérapie specializes in custom knee support, meticulously crafted to fit your unique measurements and requirements. Dive into the details below to understand what makes our services unparalleled in Ottawa and Gatineau.

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The Chartier Physiothérapie Advantage: Precision and Care

When you choose Chartier Physiothérapie for your knee bracing needs, you’re opting for a service that is as comprehensive as it is caring:

  • Assessment and Measurement
    Your journey begins with a detailed assessment to select the perfect style of brace for your needs, followed by precise measurements to ensure a custom fit.
  • Transparent Pricing
    The total cost for your custom knee brace is $1,700, which encompasses the initial assessment, the custom fitting, and subsequent adjustments. A deposit of at least half is required on the assessment date.
  • Timely Delivery
    Once measured, your brace will be ready for fitting in approximately 7-10 business days. Megan, our Certified Athletic Therapist, will contact you to arrange a second fitting, guaranteeing your satisfaction with the product.
  • Ongoing Support
    A suggested third fitting, 2-4 weeks later, ensures that your brace continues to fit perfectly as you adapt to it.

Customization at Its Finest: The Breg Bracing Collection

Our partnership with Breg ensures that you have access to the highest quality knee braces available:

For Osteoarthritis
We measure for Osteoarthrosis knee brace unloaders, perfect for medial or lateral unloading, with 26 points of measurement for a truly personalized fit. Choose from a variety of colors to make your brace as unique as your journey to recovery.

For ACL Support
Custom pre- or post-operative Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) braces are available for those eager to return to sports or higher levels of activity. These braces, including the Fusion® and the Axiom Elite, are tailored to your height and weight and are crafted from materials like aluminum or magnesium for durability and comfort.

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Experience the Benefits of Advanced Knee Bracing

  • Superior stabilization and alignment of the knee joint
  • Reduction in pain and discomfort
  • Enhanced mobility and range of motion
  • Prevention of further injuries or strain

Precision Knee Bracing Solutions

Our selection includes a range of custom-fitted knee braces, crafted from durable, lightweight materials. Our skilled staff ensure that each brace is fit precisely, maximizing comfort and therapeutic benefits.

Addressing Diverse Knee Concerns

  • Osteoarthritis and degenerative knee conditions
  • ACL, MCL, and other ligament injuries
  • Post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation
  • Chronic knee pain and instability
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Why Chartier Physiothérapie for Custom Knee Braces?

Our reputation in Ottawa and Gatineau is built on trust and results. We combine state-of-the-art knee bracing technology with certified expertise to help you regain mobility and embrace life without constraints.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Don’t let knee pain define your life. Schedule a consultation with Chartier Physiothérapie today and embark on your journey towards unrestricted movement.

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Insurance and Payments

Insurance Liaison

We advise checking with your insurance provider regarding coverage. Our team will provide a sales quote for insurance purposes and a completed invoice upon the final payment.

Payment Information

Please note, we do not accept credit cards, and a paid receipt can only be issued once you have received your brace.

Doctor’s Documentation

If you have a doctor’s recommendation for a custom-made ACL brace, please provide us with a copy to include in your personal receipt.

Knee Bracing FAQs

What is included in the cost of the knee brace? 
The $1,700 cost includes a comprehensive assessment, custom measurement, fitting, and necessary adjustments.

How can I manage the payment?
A minimum deposit of half is required at the initial assessment, and we provide all necessary documentation for insurance purposes. Remember, we do not accept credit cards.

Can I see the styles and colours available for the braces?
Certainly! Megan will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the brace that not only fits your medical needs but also your personal style preferences. We offer a variety of colour options for our custom braces, allowing you to choose one that you’ll feel confident and comfortable wearing. Whether you’re looking for a brace that is discreet or one that stands out, we have you covered.

Remember, the right brace is not just about function — it’s about fitting into your lifestyle and helping you move forward with confidence.

Can knee braces help in preventing future injuries?
Absolutely. Proper knee support can deter re-injury and provide stability during physical activities.

Meet Our Knee Bracing Therapist

megan stewart clinical manager catc

Megan Stewart

Athletic Therapist and Personal Trainer / Thérapeute du sport et entraîneur personnel

Experience the Benefits of Our Expert Care

Insurance Partners

Easily streamline your payment process with our direct billing options. Just share your extended benefits insurance information, and we’ll handle the claims for you. This minimizes your out-of-pocket expenses and saves you time. Below are the insurance providers we can directly bill to:

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