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Experience expert Lymphedema treatment performed by a registered physiotherapist, and reclaim your mobility and comfort at our Ottawa clinic.

  • Personalized Care
  • Expert Guidance
  • Progress You Can See

Revitalize Your Health with Chartier Physiothérapie

  • Personalized Care
  • Expert Guidance
  • Progress You Can See

Lymphedema Treatment for a Better Quality of Life

At Chartier Physiothérapie, we understand the challenges faced by individuals suffering from Lymphedema.

Our experienced team provides comprehensive Lymphedema treatment using a combination of manual lymphatic drainage,  compression therapy, tailored exercise programs, and guidance on the use of compression sleeves or stockings to help you manage your condition and improve your quality of life.

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Our Comprehensive Approach to Lymphedema Treatment

We believe in a holistic approach to Lymphedema treatment. Our experienced therapists carefully assess your condition, discuss your concerns and goals, and create a personalized treatment plan to address your specific needs and maximize your recovery.

Benefits of Lymphedema Treatment at Chartier Physiothérapie

  • Reduced swelling and discomfort
  • Improved circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Enhanced range of motion and mobility
  • Encouragement of self-management techniques for long-term success
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Personalized Treatment for Lymphedema Management

Our team of professionals tailors treatment plans to suit your needs and lifestyle. We focus on manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, compression sleeves/stockings, and therapeutic exercises that help manage your condition effectively.

Common Conditions Treated with Lymphedema Treatment

  • Primary Lymphedema in the arms or legs
  • Secondary Lymphedema caused by surgery, radiation, or trauma
  • Post-mastectomy Lymphedema

Who Can Benefit from Lymphedema Treatment

Individuals experiencing lymphatic swelling, discomfort, and mobility challenges related to Lymphedema, venous insufficiency, post-operative swelling, or post-radiation  can benefit from our personalized treatment approach.

Why Choose Chartier Physiothérapie for Lymphedema Treatment

  • Experienced and dedicated team of professionals
  • Comprehensive and personalized treatment plans
  • Emphasis on patient education and empowerment
  • Multilingual services to cater to diverse clientele

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Lymphedema Treatment FAQs

How long does Lymphedema treatment take? 

The duration of the treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition and individual response to treatment. Our therapists will assess your progress and make adjustments to your personalized treatment plan as needed.

Is Lymphedema curable? 

Lymphedema is a chronic condition that often requires ongoing management. While there is no cure, our Lymphedema treatment approach focuses on managing symptoms and improving quality of life.

Does insurance cover Lymphedema treatment? 

Lymphedema treatment at Chartier Physiotherapie is performed by a registered physiotherapist. If your insurance covers physiotherapy, your lymphedema treatment will be covered by your insurance.

Will I have to wear compression garments during treatment? 

Compression garments and bandaging are often recommended as part of Lymphedema treatment to help manage swelling and improve lymphatic flow. Our therapists will guide you on the proper use of compression garments during your treatment plan.

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